Reading Specialist Supervisor

Saint Joseph’s University graduate Reading Specialist Program  prepares students as practitioners, researchers, and policy makers in educational settings that include K-12 schools and literacy programs

This program has a dual focus, the preparation of reading specialists and the development of master teachers in the classroom. The program concentrates on providing the student with extensive preparation in assessment and instruction in the area of literacy. Upon completion, students are eligible to take the Pennsylvania Reading Specialist PRAXIS exam and apply for a Reading Specialist Certification. For more information on the program, please download the advising sheet below.

Saint Joseph's University | Reading Specialist


The advising sheet on the Reading Specialist program includes:

• A description of the programs offered.

A breakdown of the coursework and areas of study.

• Prerequisits for the various areas of study.

Download the brochure now and learn more about SJU's Reading Specialist program!